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Importance of Regular Pet Dental Cleanings

October 24, 2017

Our veterinary team at Animal Medical Center is committed to providing your pet with the best quality care in the Richmond metro area.

Our Midlothian veterinarian is available for both routine and emergency care, offering a wide range of services. One of the more common and essential preventative services we provide in our office is that of pet dental cleanings and exams.

The Importance of Regular Pet Dental Care

Pet owners must understand that routine dental care is just as important to their pet's health as routine wellness exams and vaccinations. All too often, pet owners will overlook the importance of dental cleanings and exams; perhaps this is why the majority of domesticated pets develop some form of gum disease by age three.

When your pet isn't seen for regular dental cleanings, plaque and tartar begin to build up not just on the surfaces of the teeth, but underneath the gum line as well. This can leave your pet more prone to dental cavities, which can be extremely painful and cause your pet to suffer in silence. Over time, the plaque that builds up underneath the gum line can also cause a bacterial infection that leads to gum/periodontal disease. If left untreated, this can cause not just a great deal of pain for your pet, but even permanent tooth loss that will render your pet unable to eat solid foods. In more severe cases, the dental disease left untreated can lead to cardiac problems as well.

With routine cleanings and exams, we can keep an eye on your pet's dental health and remove plaque build-up before it becomes extensive enough to cause issues and pain; and, you'll benefit from your pet having fresher breath!

More Pet Dental Tips From Our Veterinarian in Midlothian, VA

In addition to bringing your pet in for regular cleanings/exams with our veterinarian in Midlothian, VA, we recommend that all pet owners get into the habit of brushing their pets' teeth, if possible. There are specialized toothbrushes and toothpaste you can find at your local pet supply store that will make the process easier and safer. There are also pet dental treats and even dental toys for dogs that will help keep your pet's teeth cleaner in between dental cleanings. Of course, this does not negate the need for routine veterinary cleanings in our office.

Schedule Your Pet's Dental Service With Our Vet Today

If it's been more than a year since your pet's last dental cleaning and exam, it's time to schedule your pet's dental service with our vet serving the Richmond metro area. You can reach Animal Medical Center to schedule an appointment by calling our 24 hour facility at (804) 639-3900.

We have urgent care walk-in appointments available.