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Rabies Vaccination 101

June 06, 2017

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Rabies Vaccination

A rabies vaccination helps protect pets from acquiring the rabies virus, which is transferred through saliva when an infected mammal bites another mammal. The rabies vaccine is derived from a dead rabies virus specimen that when injected into your pet builds up his or her immunity to rabies. This vaccine is not only recommended for all pets but is required by law. It's also important to vaccinate prior to interstate travel with your pet.

Why Vaccinate

Rabies is a viral disease that affects a pet's brain and spinal cord. In both unvaccinated cats and dogs, the virus is deadly because there isn't a treatment for it. Once the symptoms begin, the pet usually dies within seven to 10 days. Symptoms of rabies include behavioral changes, excessive drooling, increased vocalization, weakness, disorientation, loss of appetite, seizures, and paralysis. Sudden death is possible as well. Keep in mind, if a pet develops rabies, it can be transferred to you and your family through a bite.

Rabies Vaccination Schedule

In this particular state, the law requires you to vaccinate your cat or dog against rabies by four months of age. You can request the vaccine as early as 12 to 16 weeks, though. Consult your veterinarian in Midlothian to determine when the best time is to vaccinate your pet based on his or her health. Once your pet has been vaccinated, he or she needs a booster one year from the time of the initial vaccine. Boosters are then given annually or every three years, depending on the particular vaccine your pet receives. Indoors animal may need boosters less frequently.

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