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Senior Pet Care Tips

February 16, 2018

By the time your dog or cat reaches 7 years old, it's considered a senior pet. At Animal Medical Center, we like to see all of our senior pets twice a year, since their aging process includes weakening immune systems.

Dr. Marc Nay, our Midlothian veterinarian, loves to talk with senior pet owners about their pets' changing needs. Your pet is going to act differently now that it's getting older, and it's up to you to make sure it's still living a happy and healthy life.

See Your Veterinarian in Midlothian Regularly

Senior cats and dogs need to have wellness checkups even more than ever, once they reach the age of 7. If your pet is in good physical condition, we'll schedule it to see our veterinarian in Midlothian once a year. Pets with medical problems will need to be seen more frequently, so we can monitor the state of the pet's condition.

Feed Your Pet a High-Quality Diet

The regular food you feed your pet during its most active years may not be appropriate anymore. As cats and dogs get older, they slow down and become less active, which means they don't burn off as many calories as before. Feeding food meant for active pets, and especially feeding snacks from under the table, can cause obesity very quickly in older pets. Our veterinarian can advise you on the types of food that will work best for your pet.

Take Care of Your Pet's Oral Hygiene

Dogs and cats can develop tartar in between their teeth, which can harbor infection-causing bacteria in the mouth. If you haven't already, this is the perfect time to get into the habit of cleaning your pet's teeth at least once a week. We can train you how to do this and give advice on the right tools for the job.

Keep Your Pet Occupied

Your pet may be slowing down, but the more you help it to stay active, the better health it will be in. Provide food puzzles, active games, and other toys. If you have a dog, continue taking it for daily walks, and provide climbing opportunities for your cats. Just like for people, exercise is one of the keys to staying healthy as pets move into old age.

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Caring for a senior pet can be a bit extra work, but it's worth it for the extra years of love you'll receive. Part of keeping your senior pet healthy is finding the right veterinarian. If you're in the Richmond metro area, give us a call for a tour of the facilities. Contact us at 804-639-3900 today for an appointment.

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