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Vaccination Schedules For Puppies And Kittens

April 11, 2018

Vaccinations play an essential role in the safety and health of your pet. When you bring a new puppy or kitten into your home, you want to discuss a vaccination schedule with our Midlothian, VA veterinarian. By setting up a clear schedule, your pet will not face unnecessary risks due to preventable illnesses.

Initial Evaluations

Before we recommend a vaccination schedule, we check on your kitten or puppy's medical history. A breeder or shelter may start vaccinating some kittens and puppies before you bring them into your home. If your pet has a litter, then you will want to inform our veterinarian about the situation to avoid any risks.

We recommend a schedule based on your pet's specific needs. We usually suggest a schedule for core vaccinations as well as recommended non-core vaccines. Some recommendations only apply to your pet in certain situations. For example, we may recommend a vaccine against kennel cough if you put your pet in a kennel, but do not recommend it for pets that stay in your home.

Early Shots

While you can start the schedule as early as 6 weeks for kittens, we suggest waiting until a kitten or puppy is 8 weeks old before getting their initial vaccines. Starting the schedule early is only necessary when puppies and kittens are weaned at an early age. A puppy does not usually have any vaccines before 8 weeks old.

Booster Shots

After the initial vaccines, we recommend booster shots at 12 and 16 weeks. After the initial booster shots, your pet may not need further vaccinations for one year. Further vaccinations may be necessary if you decide to vaccinate against non-core concerns or after a few years to prevent ailments like rabies. Our schedule focuses on your pet's specific health and needs.

Meet With Our Local Veterinarian Today For Your Puppies And Kittens Vaccinations

Vaccinating your pet plays a key role in preventing health risks. You want to start the process at a young age to avoid sicknesses and keep your pets healthy. To learn more about scheduling vaccinations for your pet or to set up an appointment, call 804-639-3900 today.

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