You know pet vaccinations are important for the health and longevity of your cat or dog. 

But did you know what types your animal needs, when to administer them, and how our Midlothian veterinarian team can help you? Read on to learn more.

What do Pet Vaccinations Protect Against?

A vaccine is a way to protect animals against certain diseases. They work by stimulating the production of immune substances called "antibodies" which will prepare the body to fight against future disease- and illness-causing infections, bacteria, and viruses (some of them deadly). By vaccinating your pet, you are preventing (almost completely!) them from getting sick if it ever comes in contact with the agents against which it's been vaccinated.

There are a variety of pet vaccinations for both cats and dogs. Some are required by law (such as rabies vaccinations), others are required by certain establishments (such as apartment complexes or boarding and grooming facilities) whereas others are simply strongly recommended, depending on your pet's lifestyle.

The main illnesses or diseases that pet vaccinations protect against include:

  • For dogs: rabies, distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, and kennel cough (bordetella)
  • For cats: rabies, feline herpes virus type 1, panleukopenia, and leukemia 

It's important to realize that by vaccinating your animal, you're protecting your pet, your family, and your community. Many illnesses can be spread from animal to animal (including wildlife to domesticated animals) and even animal to human. So do your part and get your pets vaccinated!

Why Does it Matter that My Pet Receives its Vaccinations at Certain Stages of Life?

It's important to deliver certain pet vaccinations at certain times (from kittenhood or puppyhood and beyond) so that the pet vaccinations work effectively and in order to minimize the risk of adverse reactions or side effects. Our Midlothian vet team can outline the recommended vaccination schedule for your animal based on his or her age.

What Pet Vaccinations Are Offered At Animal Medical Center?

For a complete list of pet vaccinations offered at our clinic, click here. Animal Medical Center offers both core and non-core vaccines for cats and dogs. We're happy to help you figure out which ones are right for your beloved animal companion and answer any concerns or questions you may have!

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