Prescription Drug Policy Notice

As of July 1, 2018, Animal Medical Center is updating our drug prescription policy to comply with new Virginia regulations requiring monitoring of controlled substances and drugs of concern. 

Animal Medical Center can only dispense 7 days or less of all controlled substances and all drugs of concern.  Commonly dispensed drugs in these categories include but are not limited to Tramadol, Gabapentin and Buprenorphine.

(This does not apply to non-controlled substances or prescriptions for heartworm prevention.)

If your pet is prescribed by us a pain medication or anxiety medication or any other prescription you are concerned will be affected by this change, contact our hospital immediately to discuss your options.

Our veterinarians will provide written prescriptions for anything in these categories over 7 days to be filled at a pharmacy of your choice OR we can have them dispensed and shipped by our Online Pharmacy for home delivery.

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