Vaccinations from Animal Medical Center

If you're familiar with Animal Medical Center, you may associate us with after-hours emergency services such as veterinary surgery, toxicity treatment, and other urgent care services. But during our normal daytime hours, we're equally capable of serving all of your pet's basic preventative care needs, including vaccinations. These all-important shots play a crucial in role in warding off some of the most devastating threats to your beloved companion's health. One of our veterinarians in Midlothian, Dr. Nay, is more than happy to provide this essential form of care.

Why your Pet Needs Vaccinations

Pets need vaccinations because their own immune systems haven't yet created the antibodies necessary to combat specific infectious diseases -- antibodies which would normally form only after direct (and potentially deadly) exposure. A vaccine cannot infect your pet with the disease in question, but it resembles the germ strongly enough to make the immune system respond by manufacturing antibodies that protect against the actual illness.

The two primary categories of vaccinations administered to pets are core vaccinations and elective (or non-core) vaccinations. Our Midlothian veterinarian strongly urges core vaccinations, which protect against several very common and very dangerous infections. Dogs should receive core vaccinations against rabies, distemper, parvo, and hepatitis, while cats should receive core vaccinations against rabies, feline herpesvirus type 1 and panleukopenia; elective vaccinations may also be recommended based on your pet’s specific needs. For example, our veterinarian may recommend that vaccinate your pet against a kennel cough (Bordetella) or feline leukemia if you're planning on boarding him with other animals.

Vaccination Services and Vaccine Reaction Treatment

We typically recommend that you schedule several rounds of core vaccinations for your puppy or kitten, beginning after the first few weeks of life, to establish solid disease immunity. These vaccinations will need to be updated from time to time to ensure that this immunity remains intact. If you need to schedule animal surgery and your pet isn't up to date on his vaccinations, we may require you to have those updates performed far enough in advance of the veterinary surgery date for the vaccines to take effect. We can help advise you on your pet's vaccination schedule.

One of the biggest services our Midlothian veterinarian provides to the Richmond Metro area is a treatment for vaccine reactions. While the vast majority of pets tolerate vaccinations with little more than a bit of soreness or a mildly elevated temperature, some pets may experience acute allergic reactions such as hives, swelling of the airway and shock. Animal Medical Center can provide prompt emergency care to get these symptoms under control and get your pet out of danger.

Call Our 24 Hour Vet In Midlothian To Schedule Vaccination Services

Our 24 hour vet in Midlothian is always ready to help your pet with everything from vaccinations and vaccine reaction treatment to emergency animal surgery. Call (804) 639-3900 today to learn more and schedule vaccinations for your best friend! We look forward to meeting with you!

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